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Crime scene photos on cd contains REAL police crime scene photos that were photographed from the scenes of real murders, accidents, and suicides,  from around the world!. We at Crime Scene Photos have put these crime photos together from a group of Emergency Medical Technicians, Police Officers and Firemen from all over the world. These guys  created their own crime and accident scene photo albums! These are the actual crime scene photos used by the above mentioned departments for their investigations !  The crime scene photos that you will see are real photos, including  shooting victims, stabbing victims, rape victims, people who were beaten to death, real crime and accident pictures that are un-edited. You must be 18 years to order this cd. If you are UNDER 18 PLEASE LEAVE NOW ! These crime scene photos are extreamly graphic.... so order at your own risk....The disk includes over 2,750 real photos, including shooting victims, stabbing victims, rape victims, people who were beaten to death. You will also see 50 video clips as the acidents happened. This is for real, these photos are very graphic....

Great for training new medical and law enforcement professionals.


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